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The Greek Haemophilia Society celebrates World Haemophilia Day with the launch of “Red Thread” campaign, for the third consecutive year!

We are very pleased to announce, that the renewed panhellenic haemophilia awareness campaign,”Red Thread”, was launched on World Haemophilia Day, for the third consecutive year. The campaign, which was introduced to the public in April 2019, is being implemented by the Greek Haemophilia Society (GHS) and Sobi Greece, aiming to breath new life into the haemophilia community, encouraging patients to get informed about the advancements in pain management. 

“Freedom is when you define your own limits. Now you can!”

is the new message of the campaign, which motivates and empowers haemophiliac patients, urging them to expand the boundaries of their disease. With a symbolic move – the pulling of the thread – the haemophiliac patient is released from the constraints and redefines his own limits. 

“Red Thread” is now live on both online and offline environment, with a 360ᵒ approach, utilizing Television, as well as print and online media, therefore enhancing the awareness of patients and their caregivers. 

The campaign has its own landing page and its own YouTube Channel, and for the first time this year you can enjoy an English version of the new video on the link below:


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