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GHS Cares

Psychological support

The Greek Haemophilia Society runs a program of Psychological support for the benefit of all Greek patients, which intends to:

a) promote awareness about the need for psychological support of children with haemophilia
b) support the financially weaker, who cannot afford the cost of psychologist services

Thus, a support team for parents of hemophiliac children and adolescents, an adolescent self-knowledge group and individual counseling services are offered.


Hydrotherapy is medically confirmed to help people with haemophilia and can even prevent the development of disability or inhibit its development. GHS’s program targets both minors and adult sufferers.

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy is recommended as the best way to recover from bleeding episodes. The physiotherapy program takes place at the fully equipped physiotherapy center of our offices with the aid of our specialized physiotherapist and is aimed at both kids and adult patients.