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Condolence letter

The President and the Board of Directors express their deep sorrow and absolute grief over the death of Titika Mandalaki-Giannitsioti.

Titika Mandalaki-Giannitsioti was a doctor who finely honored the oath of Hippocrates by standing next to each of us individually, but also to all together, not only as a doctor but also as our real mother.

For us, the Greek people with hemophilia, the deceased Titika Mandalaki-Giannitsioti was a pioneer. She was the founding member of our Society. Greek people with hemophilia have achieved health care and almost the solutions of their problems. In addition, they claim their rights both socially and medically. Next to hemophilia in Greece has been the name Associate Professor Titika Mandalaki-Giannitsioti. She passionately, tried and managed to give to Greek people of hemophilia the best treatment.

Titika Mandalaki-Giannitsioti made us learn how to fight, be patient, and when we were in pain being next to us, she tried to make us laugh. She was our “mom” as we all called her.

We say goodbye to her, giving her the obvious promise that we will never forget her, keep thanking her for what she has offered us. We express our deep condolences to her children and relatives and stand by them in these difficult times.

The President of the GHS – George Filippidis

The Board of Directors of the GHS

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