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The Greek Haemophilia Society honors the “mum” of Greek hemophiliacs in the 10th issue of OUR NEWS magazine

The 10th issue of our Society’s magazine was ment to be very special, as it was a way for the GHS to pay tribute and send a final farewell to the scientist, the woman, our “mom”, Titika Mandalaki, who left from our side on 04/08/2020.

In this issue, you will read extremely interesting stories and very moving words written about her by members of her close family circle, associates and patients who had the honor to meet her and be part of a very exciting life, full of offer and love for her patients and fellow human beings.

We warmly thank her family for their varied contribution to this issue and especially her son, George Giannitsiotis, but also all those who wrote and contributed to this publication.

Read the new issue here.

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