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EHC launches a new series of video talks on gene therapy and haemophilia


The European Haemophilia Consortium recently announced the launch of “EHConversations” on gene therapy in haemophilia. This is a series of five videos concerning the basics of gene therapy with the objective of informing and educating anyone looking for further information on this technology. Prof. Flora Peyvandi, Chair of the EHC Medical Advisory Group (MAG) describes in detail what is haemophilia. Prof. Paul Giangrande, former Chair of the EHC MAG gives an overview of current haemophilia A and B clinical trials. Dr. Dan Hart, member of the EHC Medical and Scientific Advisory Group (MASAG), provides a detailed explanation on what enrolling in a gene therapy clinical trial entails. Prof. Mike Makris, EHC MAG member, talks about safety considerations in relation to gene therapy. Finally, Jack Grehan gives his personal account of taking part in a trial.

The publication of the first series focuses on gene therapy and haemophilia from both patient and expert points of view. Watch all five videos here!

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